I had a client yesterday that reminded me that a message I h

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I had a client yesterday that reminded me that a message I had sent her was important to her. Since it was an issue we all work with, I thought I'd share it again. It was in an old article I originally wrote for The Huffington Post, "Does Loving Yourself Lead to Weight Loss?" I can't remember if I shared it before, so please forgive me if I am repeating myself. Copy and paste this link to your browser and you'll be able to read it: http://theandersonmethod.com/category/does-loving-yourself-lead-to-weight-loss/

If you like this article, there are lots more articles at the website with good info, all free. To see a list of them, click on the link below "Table of contents" at the lower left of the page. That will bring up a menu of articles. Just click on the one you want to read.

If you have any questions about anything you read, I check back here just about every morning, so ask in a reply to this post, and I'll answer it then.

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Jun 17

Thank you so much for sharing this so very good to read. xo

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Jun 19

Thanks! I've written down all the most important things I've learned. I love hearing when it has helped.


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