Any body have any ideas or helpful tips on how to talk to my


Any body have any ideas or helpful tips on how to talk to my kids about the divorce. They are 9 and 4. I worry that I may have to talk to them by myself with out their mom there because she may be too irrational or dangerous. She is the reason for the separation, and I know my oldest knows something is not right with her.

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Jun 20

The best thing you can do is SHOW and TELL them how much you love your daughters - that is the only thing really at their age they can understand (excessive "I love yous", lots of hugs, tell them why they are so wonderful, make them laugh, do fun things together). Let there be NO DOUBT in their hearts that their father loves them with all his heart and showers affection and joy on them. As for your W and her mental problems - maybe one day they will understand but now they mainly need your love and protection.

Jun 20

@fatherofthree3 she is very close to her dad. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 2 months old and missed her whole first year and first birthday. She really bonded with him during that time.

Jun 21

@mike7001 So, I'm sure there's lots of advice out there, but it seems some of the basics are to avoid blame & shame, keep it simple and to do it together. But what if you can't have the talk together as you mentioned? I'm also interested to hear from someone who wasn't working with a team player.


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