My wife has abandoned me. She left on the 4th. She packed al

My wife has abandoned me. She left on the 4th. She packed all of her stuff except her wedding dress and took my tux. Were a newlywed couple of 11 months. However, we've known each other for seven years. And the decay of our relationship was all my fault. In 2016 her "women intuition" kicked in and she discovered my secret. That I had been texting random women, had online dating profiles, and was in contact with a few of my exes. It was a sick obsession I had for years and I tried my best to hide it and kick it but she found a way to get through into my email accounts, social media accounts and break into my phone. She tried to leave me before our wedding but I wanted her to stay. But she still persisted searched and searched and the habit turned worse as she also found an enormous amount of pornography. She asked is I really loved her for so many years. She asked if our relationship was even real. I said yes, but once a woman starts digging she will never believe anything you say ever again. We argued and I shouted and said things I never thought I would. I still treated her like a woman and gave her the attention she deserved but my dark search for lust caused her to constantly doubt. Until I guess her lil heart couldn't take anymore. And she left. Didn't tell me where she went and had completely blocked me from all forms of contact. Now I'm alone. Food has lost all flavor. I can't sleep anymore. I take more and more hours from work. And I constantly worry about her... Call me whatever you want. I've heard it all, but I know what my heart wants.

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May 19

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May 19

Sorry that you are dealing with this if you genuinely love your wife and feel like she is worth fighting for then don’t give up!

12 hours ago

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