Hello everyone! Sharing a little of my experience here. I wa

Hello everyone! Sharing a little of my experience here. I was diagnosed with cancerous polyps and had to get my uterus removed due to that. I was devastated. I had always wished for a big family. I love kids. But now I could have no more. Only one son at the time (who I was very thankful for). It seemed I'd never be able to have more kids again. But then I came across the concept of surrogacy. I had never really given it much thought. Then once I looked further into it I found that Western Europe had some good clinics I could look into. I am now awaiting my second child. I could not be more excited. I think anyone who's in a similar situation as mine, should look into this as an option!

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Mar 14

Hey, this is a great story. I hope everyone gets to know about the different possibilities. You got to have your happiness. I am very happy for you. I hope it goes well for you the second time too. Keep us updated regarding this one. thanks for the lovely post.

Mar 15

Thrice i had conceived and thrice i had gone through miscarriages at different stages.
I am married for the second time and i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy method to have a baby of our own.
We both have some biological substance left which can make our own child in someone's other womb without having her biological impacts on our child.
The consultant has given us a detail of this issue in every aspect.
So now me and my husband are looking for a surrogate to raise our child in her womb.
We have contacted a clinic for this issue and they are helping us in each and every stage,
I had many complications with my pregnancies in my first marriage everytime i conceived miscarriage happened.
They let us meet with the other couples who are raising babies via surrogacy method too.
The couples feedback is so satisfying about the clinic that we are now ready to go for surrogacy.
The clinic says that the surrogate should be good physically and should be perfectly alright.
The clinic has also its own many surrogates but they are looking the best one for us.
The clinic has a number of surrogates who are willing to raise our child in their womb.
The clinic says that they will go through extensive tests methods to clear all the reports of surrogate so that we don't have any problems later on.
If someone has experience in this surrogacy please let us know.

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23 hours ago

Here's my review about a clinic from which we find our happiness.
The clinic made our dream come true.With the help of this clinic we will soon have our two daughters.We are so thankful to the clinic.And we are thankful to the surrogate mother too.We moved to Ukraine to meet with this clinic.We are from Japan where surrogacy is totally ban.Then we moved to Europe to go for surrogacy.But we weren't satisfied there.So we came to know about Ukraine in surrogacy and we moved there.This is the best clinic.Thanks


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