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Hello everyone! Sharing a little of my experience here. I wa

Hello everyone! Sharing a little of my experience here. I was diagnosed with cancerous polyps and had to get my uterus removed due to that. I was devastated. I had always wished for a big family. I love kids. But now I could have no more. Only one son at the time (who I was very thankful for). It seemed I'd never be able to have more kids again. But then I came across the concept of surrogacy. I had never really given it much thought. Then once I looked further into it I found that Western Europe had some good clinics I could look into. I am now awaiting my second child. I could not be more excited. I think anyone who's in a similar situation as mine, should look into this as an option!

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Mar 20

Here's my review about a clinic from which we find our happiness.
The clinic made our dream come true.With the help of this clinic we will soon have our two daughters.We are so thankful to the clinic.And we are thankful to the surrogate mother too.We moved to Ukraine to meet with this clinic.We are from Japan where surrogacy is totally ban.Then we moved to Europe to go for surrogacy.But we weren't satisfied there.So we came to know about Ukraine in surrogacy and we moved there.This is the best clinic.Thanks

Apr 10

Hey @JennyJoe, glad to see you here. I just hope that you are doing well. Everyone here is hopeful an optimist. I was just looking for some post like this to learn about surrogacy. I always thought surrogacy as controversial. It’s true that surrogacy is an unnatural way to have babies. Also, many societies think bad of it due to religious and social boundaries. But many developed countries have warmly welcomed the surrogacy treatment too. surrogacy itself is not bad, but it uses many either bad or meaningless. No doubt that surrogacy has benefited many infertile couples like you. but at the same time, many people made very utmost use of it too. your post has really opened my eyes dear. Heartiest congratulation for your baby. It’s amazing that you are going for surrogacy again. It shows your confidence and trusts in the treatment. So, could you please like to mention the clinic name too from where you are going for surrogacy treatment? We shall pray for your good luck dear!

Apr 16

Hey, I am so happy for you. It is really a good news. I am glad so glad to hear about your success in surrogacy. You ought to go for surrogacy once more. Pick the best centre for yourself. I was so disturbed and discouraged due to my failure in conceiving a baby. I chose to go for surrogacy for me. I asked my partner and he was agreed with my choice. So we looked through a clinic and went there. The clinic gave us rights to the unborn child. The surrogate was healthy nd cooperative. I was honoured with an infant following 9 months. I am glad that I discovered this technique usefully. I would Suggest this procedure to the People who can't conceive and need babies badly.


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